Dawson Creek Society for Community Living acknowledges the importance of our role within our community to be a good neighbor - to assist others - to share resources – and to work in partnership with our community. As such, we recognize the importance of, and growing need for, affordable housing. Critical to the health and safety of our most vulnerable populations, including persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and families, affordable housing also supports social stability, our local economy, and even the environment.

DCSCL is fortunate to own and operate over 121 units of housing in Dawson Creek, BC. This currently consists of three licensed group homes, four apartment buildings and two townhouse units. 

Dawson Creek is home to a very diverse community; a community that values each of our citizens as contributing and important members of society. We appreciate the support that we receive every day from the community we live and work in, and our partners who support us.









Staffed Residences

DCSCL offers several Residential Programs for individuals with developmental disabilities who require support with acts of daily living.


DCSCL is proud to own and operate 102 apartments in four separate buildings dedicated to seniors, and persons with disabilities.


Offering single and multi-story homes, including a wheelchair accessible unit, DCSCL’s townhouses are tastefully upkept and centrally located.

Home Share

A residential option in which an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support.

Apply For Housing

To be eligible for housing with the Dawson Creek Society for Community Living, you must be 55 years of age or older, a person with a registered disability, or a family, and eligible for independent living.

Aurora Apartments are for Senior's and/or persons with a disability

Aurora Townhouses are for families and/or persons with a disability

Rotary Village is for senior's and/or persons with a disability

Southview Apartments are for seniors and/or persons with a disability

For further assistance, please call us at (250)782-2611 or email us at info@dcscl.org