Supported Homes

Dawson Creek Society for Community Living provides an array of  options that are reflective of each individual’s personalities, needs, and preferences.

Included, is a home focused on complex health needs, another focused on complex behavioural needs, and one that is dedicated to aging individuals with developmental disabilities.

There are also options that include supporting individuals in their own homes; or for those looking for potentially lifelong companionship, there is Home Share.

1416 Supported Home

A DCSCL Strategic Planning Goal that came to fruition in April 2017, the Supported Home known as 1416, is a home for aging persons with developmental disabilities.

Licensed by CLBC and Northern Health, this is home to five people. Each person has their own private bedroom and access to the shared living quarters. With the realities of dementia and fading mobility in mind, the home was designed with an open concept, extra wide hallways and doorways, dementia friendly colors and flooring, and even different colored bedroom doors based on each person’s favorite color! Individuals are given as much independence as possible while ensuring that all the aspects of daily living are provided. The home is staffed 24 hours per day.

@ Bennett Dam
115th residence

115th Supported home

Located in a nice residential area, 115th is a high-needs, fully wheelchair accessible home with staffing 24 hours per day.

While independence is encouraged to the fullest extent possible, the individuals living in the home are supported with all aspects of daily living, including accessing and participating in their community. There is a small sensory room in the home and each person’s preferences have been considered in the decorating of their personal bedrooms. A wheelchair van is available to ensure community access to the individuals.

Canalta Supported Home

Canalta is a two-level home located in a residential area close to a park and large green space.

Wheelchair accessible with a stair chairlift, this home is staffed 24 hours per day. The home provides a safe and supportive atmosphere geared towards helping each individual participate fully in their lives through the development of daily life skills, communication skills, and enhanced independence. Each person has their own personal bedroom decorated to their liking while their preferences are taken into consideration in the decorating of the rest of the home as well. While independence is encouraged and public transportation is the preferred means of transport, those living in the home have access to a vehicle when necessary.

supported living
canalta residence

Supported Living

DCSCL operates three clusters within the Supported Living Program, 1408 Cluster, 1328 Cluster and our newest addition, Centennial Cluster

These options are suitable for people with basic life skills that are significantly independent. Individuals live in their own apartments, while staff support them with various life skills including acts of daily living, accessing the community, recreational activities, assistance with medical appointments, etc. Staff time is divided between the individuals within the cluster, depending on the level of support needed by each person. This program creates a safe, supportive atmosphere in which individuals participate fully in their own lives, to the extent which they are able

Apply For Housing

Eligibility of applicants into Assisted Living is determined by Northern Health.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can fill out the application and submit it online. However, if you are using Google Chrome, you must first download the application before filling it out. You can then submit it in-person, by mail or scan and email it. 

If you need further assistance, please call us at (250)782-2611 or email us at

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We are CARF Accredited

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities has awarded the Dawson Creek Society for Community Living another three year accreditation, the highest level of accreditation available.

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