Supported Living

Residential Services

DCSCL operates two clusters within the Supported Living Program, 1408 Cluster and 1328 Cluster, which share supports 24 hours per day. 

This residential option is suitable for people with basic life skills that are significantly independent. The intention of the program is to promote as much independence as possible, As such, individuals live in their own apartments and staff support them ‘just enough’ to be successful with various life skills, including acts of daily living, health and assistance with medical appointments, diet, accessing the community, recreational activities, employment and volunteering, etc. 

Staff time is divided between the individuals within the cluster, depending on the level of support needed by each person. This program creates a safe, supportive atmosphere in which individuals participate fully in their own lives, to the extent which they are able.

1408 Cluster, currently supports four adults with disabilities, while 1328 Cluster, supports three individuals. 1408 Cluster, includes a wheelchair accessible unit. In addition to receiving assistance with acts of daily living, each individual with the Supported Living program, is also supported to maintain connections with family and friends, and to engage in holistic, home-based activities such as, baking, crafts, exercise, and more. 

Residents are responsible to maintain their homes and take great pride in making them reflect their own personal preferences.

Apply For Housing

The application must be filled out in full. Please ensure that all fields are filled in and email to or send to/drop-off at 1334-102 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 2C6.