Supported Employment Services

Established in February 1988, Supported Work has underwent many changes over the years but has always maintained its original mandate; to create, develop, and implement innovative services to support CLBC eligible individuals to fulfill their desire for meaningful employment that benefits their community.

Everyone that is referred to the program undergoes a thorough discovery process which assess strengths, barriers, employment readiness, goals, previous employment experience(s), etc. From there, a plan is established to enhance current strengths, reduce barriers by broadening skills, create Job Seeker Profiles, and successfully gain employment.

DCSCL takes pride in continually working to build community partnerships and the same can be said for our Job Coaches; networking with local businesses to determine where the job market shortages are is a very important part of their job. In addition, once all the groundwork has been successfully completed and employment has been gained, the Job Coaches provide on-the-job support as necessary to ensure continued success.

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Did You Know...

86% of people with developmental disabilities rate average or better attendance than their non-disabled co-workers.
Industry reports indicate that people with developmental disabilities consistently rate average or above average in performance, quality of work, flexibility, and safety.
Like anyone else, people with developmental disabilities just want to be involved as part of a team, be creative and productive, and make money alongside their co-workers.
Employee morale is shown to improve with a more diverse workplace.