Self Help Skills

The Self Help Skills program is an outreach program that supports individuals with developmental disabilities to learn and/or maintain the life skills necessary to live independently. In order to successfully meet the needs of everyone, the program is designed to be highly personalized and flexible with supports being available seven days a week, from morning through evening. The ultimate goal for this program is to support people in becoming fully independent, self-sufficient members of their community that contribute in meaningful ways.

Some of the areas in which people will be supported
to become increasingly independent are as follows:

Interpersonal Relations

 How to form meaningful relationships, enhance communication skills.

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

How to be safe, self-care, proper meal planning and cooking, exercise, how to make friends/be a good friend.

Social Inclusion

Community integration and participation, practice appropriate social skills.

Personal Development

Home and daily living tasks (ie: budgeting, shopping, cleaning, etc.), sexual health education, healthy hobbies.

Pre-Employment Readiness

Learn and practice the skills required to gain meaningful employment.

Rights Education

Learn and practice rights and responsibilities.

Material Wellbeing
and Self-Determination

 Learn about wants vs. needs, learn about saving money, making goals, practice decision making.

Skill development can take place in any setting and can encompass any skill a person may require to be successful in leading as independent a life as possible.  Ideally the individual is supported by their family as well, and together we work as a team to ensure a successful future!