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Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding career?

DCSCL – Dawson Creek Society for Community Living provides various types of support to individuals with developmental disabilities to enable them to be a full  participants in our community. We provide a competitive rate of pay and a full benefits package. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Working in a job providing direct services to people with disabilities is not for everyone. The work demands a number of personal qualities, some which can be learned and some which you must already possess. The most important of these, and one which we demand from everyone, is that you must truly believe that people with disabilities are individuals with the same rights as any other person. This includes the right to dignity and respect and the right to live and work in their own community.

New employees generally begin employment as “casual workers” and get a taste of our different work areas. As a casual worker, your name will be on our casual list and you will gain work according to your seniority. Casual Workers are required to work different shifts at different locations and assist people with different needs. By working at different locations, the experience you gain will assist you, if you wish to apply for a regular position. As a Casual Worker, we cannot guarantee how many hours you will be assigned, but we can tell you that most Casual Workers work as many hours as they can handle. Regular positions are acquired by applying for the positions that are posted at each location.

In order to be considered for employment with DCSCL you need to: