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Home Share

Home Share (Shared Living)

Home Sharing is a residential option in which an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support. Homes may be owned or rented by the home sharing provider or by the individual requiring support. In some situations, the home sharing provider’s family lives in the home. In others, people live together as roommates in a reciprocal relationship.

Home sharing involves very close relationships. Individuals within the home share not only their physical space, but also their lives. The members of the home may spend a lot of time together and can be actively involved in one another’s daily activities. ¬†Some home sharing relationships are characterized by more independent relationships, where members of the home may go their own ways and come together at specific times or for specific purposes.

Home sharing can provide an ideal balance of support and independence for individuals. Home sharing’s person-centered focus allows individuals to select a home sharing provider and home environment that meets their preferences and unique goals. Support is flexible and evolves according to individual’s changing needs. For some individuals, home sharing is a stepping-stone to even greater independence.