1416 Residence

Residential Services

A DCSCL Strategic Planning Goal that came to fruition in April 2017, 1416 Residence is a home for aging persons with developmental disabilities. 

Licensed by CLBC and Northern Health, this residence dementia friendly and home to five people. Each person has their own private bedroom and access to the shared living quarters. 

With the realities of dementia and fading mobility in mind, the home was designed with an open concept, extra wide hallways and doorways, dementia friendly colors and flooring, lots of natural light and even different colored bedroom doors based on each person’s favorite color! Individuals are given as much independence as possible while ensuring that all the aspects of daily living are provided. The residence is staffed 24 hours per day. 

We are grateful to have a home that allows people to age-in-place, saving them and their families the stress of moving them amidst developing dementia or other significant health issues. 

Dignity and independence are fostered to the largest extent possible. Living space large enough to allow residents the ability to have fellowship with one another, to enjoy family and friend get-togethers (pre and post Covid-19), and have personal space, is provided within the home. 

Staff assist individuals to maintain or learn new skills, ensure they are active in their community in an inclusive way, and find creative activities to keep the residents entertained and happy. Monthly Peer Meetings ensure that the voice of each resident within the home is heard and that they input on activities, food choices, as well as, the chance to discuss anything they might like to change.

Apply For Housing

The application must be filled out in full. Please ensure that all fields are filled in and email to info@dcscl.org or send to/drop-off at 1334-102 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 2C6.