1416 Residence

Residential Services

Located in a nice residential area, 115th Residence is a high-needs, fully wheelchair accessible home with staffing 24 hours per day. 

While independence is encouraged to the fullest extent possible, the individuals living in the home are supported with all aspects of daily living, including medical appointments, health and diet needs, exercise, socialization, accessing and participating in their community, etc.

There is ample space for everyone to gather, and also personal space for each individual. A sensory room has been created and continues to be a work in progress, within the home, and each person’s preferences have been considered in the decorating of their personal bedrooms. 

A beautiful outdoor space is accessible for activities and day-to-day relaxation, and a wheelchair van is available to ensure community access to the individuals.

Apply For Housing

The application must be filled out in full. Please ensure that all fields are filled in and email to info@dcscl.org or send to/drop-off at 1334-102 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 2C6.